August 06, 2006

An Iran/Hezbollah Link Regarding the July 12 Attack?

Greg Sargent notes an oddly under-reported revelation regarding the war raging in Lebanon and Israel.

Officials also say that available intelligence does not offer proof that Iran inspired or directed the Hezbollah kidnappings and rocket launchings that set off the war with Israel... [I]ntelligence analysts say there is little evidence that the Hezbollah raid more than three weeks ago that touched off the current fighting was ordered by Tehran, or that Iran is directly coordinating the steady attacks on Israeli targets. "Nobody thinks that the Iranians have walked off the field, but we are just not seeing any direct control of things from Tehran," said an intelligence official who was given anonymity to discuss classified intelligence. Another administration official said there was no proof that Iran was pulling the strings in southern Lebanon today ...

He asks - "Whether or not you believe what these intel officials are saying, shouldn't the fact that they are saying it at least have some sort of role in a conversation about why Iran is or isn't "behind" the Hezbollah attacks?"

The answer to that is, of course, yes.

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On a related tangent, Sully is worth reading today.

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