August 28, 2006

Gerson Just Doesn't Get It (But He Sure Can Draw Straw Men)

Where can I sign up with the skeptical realists? Where do I get my membership card and toaster?

OK, more seriously, that link is to yet another great post by Greg at Belgravia Dispatch. And yeah, I realize that understanding the huge number of variants of Realism is one of my things, so I'm going to be more annoyed by this than most, but damn is Gerson irritating. I mean there already exist a host of realisms, but if you can't fit your visions into even one of them there's a a good chance that what you are talking about isn't a realist argument of any sort. And of course you might even be asserting (as Gerson may be, and has done before in the president's speeches) that whole schools of thought exist, that few if any people actually believe in.

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