August 28, 2006

This Week in the Race for the 2008 Party Conventions

You'd think Ernesto would kill off Tampa's attempt to win the Republican convention. I mean it's supposed to hit Florida tomorrow, August 29. Guess what's supposed to start on August 29, 2008. Yes, that would be the Republican convention. Does the GOP really want to put its big marketing party in the potential path of another hurricane? And what will Pat Robertson say if such a hurricane takes direct aim at a group getting ready to annoint John McCain?

As to the other party, Denver's been a heavy favorite to win the Democratic convention. But will its lack of a unionized hotel kill its bid? Even Denver's own representatives are admitting that their bid is in trouble.

If both Tampa and Denver's bids falter we could very well be looking forward to conventions in the tourist meccas of Cleveland and St. Paul.

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