October 20, 2006

This is so what it feels like

Obviously written by one who knows the pit of despair.

the purgatorio of the dissertation, a phase of human devolution about which I have absolutely nothing positive or inspiring to offer. For much of the 3.5 years I spent working on mine, I greeted each morning with a millstone of despair hanging around my neck, the weight lifted only slightly by the realization that I might be flattened at any moment by a city bus or a plummeting aircraft. However small that chance might have been, it offered me a reason to shuffle out of bed. One day while I was staring numbly at the walls, a group of marginally literate gnomes broke into my apartment and wrote 314 pages of prose, which I promptly submitted under my own name to the University of Minnesota.

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1. Only 3.5 years? Lame. I took 2.25 just for my overview (20 drafts). The dissertation itself took 5.5 (3 complete re-writes; 3 partial re-writes).

2. I had passed the point where I wanted a bus or airplane to flatten me: I was hoping it would land on my committee. Self-destruction isn't nearly as cool as homicide.

3. 314? Ha. 410. With an appendix.

4. Maybe I should have submitted it to Minnesota. I might have finished earlier.

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You should have been a Latin Americanist. All about the quantitative efficiency!

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