December 15, 2006

12 Screens + 12 Screens = the Same 12 Movies

So we are now hitting the end of the year, the period when a lot of the best movies are released. Now we have a good little 3-screen theater in town that shows critical favorites, and one of the 12-screen behemoths shows (briefly) some cool "indie" movies from time to time too. So if I've missed the likes of The Fountain , Stranger Than Fiction and Shortbus it's partially my fault - they were here, but I didn't make it to see them in time before they left. But there are still some films that have gotten raves that haven't come to town (like Little Children) and given the time of year and the quality of the releases, I find that irksome. And it annoys me all the more when I look at the movies playing at the two megaplexes in town and see that their offerings include 12 of the exact same movies. Can't someone think a little bit outside the box and offer a bit more variety?

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to add one to the list, if gilliam's tideland comes to town, you owe it yourself to see it. i'm not saying you'll like it, but it's unlikely that you won't admire it, if that makes any sense. the movie rendered me basically speechless, and about it so i remain. and if you plan to see it, avoid reading anything about it -- better to let it surprise you to whatever extent possible.

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