April 06, 2007

Things Change....

Rumors have it that Jason Isbell (one third of the guitar/songwriting team of the Drive By Truckers) has left the band (if rumors can be said to be a post on his own myspace page). There is no further explanation or news.

This is certainly bad news, in the sense that he was a different voice than Cooley and Hood, and in that way added an extra dimension to the band. He will be missed, but I assume the band will go on.

I'm happy I got to see them (with Isbell) a few times in the past six months, and sad that he won't be around anymore. Life goes on, and I'll treasure those live concert moments. (Note to readers: Go see shows - you might not get another chance.).

If, however, this turns out to be a case of "I'm better than them, so I'm going solo," I'll be annoyed. There is no evidence of that, but I'm just sayin'.

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Well, now he just posted this:

If I could change it...

I would.

Posted by: binky at April 6, 2007 11:52 PM | PERMALINK

It's official. The statement.

Posted by: binky at April 7, 2007 09:09 AM | PERMALINK
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