June 24, 2007

Brown and Harman Now Lead Labour

In a few days Gordon Brown will succeed Tony Blair as prime minister. In advance of that, today he became the new leader of the Labour party. That was of course expected. What was not expected was that the new leader would be Harriet Harman. He's been a vocal opponent of Blair's leadership and of his prosecution of the Iraq war. Nick Assinder analyzes her win here. For what it's worth, I'm quite pleased by her victory, and am looking forward to Blair finally being out of power. The last several months have been what I imagine they will be here in 2008 - a dreadful, tiring, waiting-out of the final weeks and months of a disliked executive's reign. It's exciting to finally have a long expected-change in government occur - and in Harman's case led (to a degree) by someone who seems committed to changing policies and politics that the people have grown tired of.

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