September 10, 2007

Duncan Getchell and Steve Matthews Are Nominated to the 4th

So let me get this straight, the noncontroversial nomintion made yesterday (to the US Court of Appeals that oversees our fair state) is the one who's a former president of the South Carolina chapter of the Federalist Society, and managing partner at Haynsworth Sinkler and Boyd (I presume it's named after that Haynsworth). That's the noncontroversial one, eh? Yes that's our president - always playing the role of uniter.

UPDATE: Okay, so I posted this 3 days ago, but I'm bumping it up because Dahlia Lithwick has a post today on these two nominees. And it turns out that the nominee that Senators Warner and Webb are displeased with may actually be the more accomodating nominee, because Matthews ... well just read Dahlia on these guys.

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