October 01, 2007

It's always a good idea to know the vegetable you are cooking...

...before you start cooking it.

Hmmm, I think I'll finally use a couple of those yellow squashes that came off that vine that I thought was pumpkin, then decided was yellow squash.

Yes, sauteeed in olive oil, sounds delicious.

Well, that was a tough cut. I know it's kind of dark outside, but these sqush feel really hairy, and that thin part kind of felt more like stem. But, you know, I left it on the vine a long time, so maybe that's why it looks so globular instead of the yellow squash shape.

[Inside, in the light]

Wow. That yellow squash is really globular and hairy. And what's this? That really is stem?!

But. It's yellow. Pale yellow.


Hmph. For yellow squash, that really smells pumpkin-y.

Well, I guess I must be psyching myself out that these might be pumpkins, because they are clearly yellow squash.

[Heating olive oil...]

[Toss in "yellow squash."]

Hmph. That smells kind of sweet.



La de dah... butter! Cumin!

[Saute saute saute]

Voila! For dinner, we have fresh young pumpkin from the garden, with butter and cumin!


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