November 20, 2007

Speier vs. Lantos?

Wow. This is interesting. I was thinking Mark Pera's challenge to awful Democrat/product of nepotism Dan Lipinski in Illinois-3 was going to be the Democratic congressional primary I'd be most interested in next year. And maybe it still will be. But former state senator Jackie Speier taking on Tom Lantos, the chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, in California-12 is right up there with it. Speier, who first gained fame when she was shot multiple times at the airport near Jonestown (she was a staffer to Rep. Leo Ryan, who was killed), is an accomplised legislator, with a lot of support in the area. It's not at all clear she'll be able to knock off the hardened, veteran Lantos, the only Holocaust survivor to ever serve in Congress. But it'll be quite a race.

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This race is off, as the 79 year old Lantos has announced he won't seek reelection given that he's battling cancer. Another Californian, Howard Berman (who's from Southern California unlike Lantos who's from San Mateo), is in line to take over as the new chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee next year.

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