December 11, 2007

Gitlin's Questions for Huckabee

Of course there are a lot more he should be asked (especially about freeing that murderer/rapist), but these aren't bad ideas. I especially like 3, 5, 7, the 8. His giant sales tax scheme deserves much more discussion (and derision), and all supposed Christians should be forced to defend their views on women's rights, contraception and abortion (like why they are willing to let women who engage in a conspiracy to commit murder - that is, in their eyes, women who have abortions - get off for their crime without imprisonment). If the media actually forced candidates to go on the record about these things and point out the logical wholes in their arguments I sincerely believe a lot of the silliness and danger in our current political discourse could be overcome. But the media never does that, sadly. They'd rather talk about Hillary's pantsuits, or the latest 3 point swing in the polls. But maybe lists like Gitlin's will get them to finally deal with issues like these.

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