January 06, 2008

Our Man In Nuampshah

Our very own Armand has bundled up and headed northeast to the primaries. In a brief call today, he reported that political celebrities were thick on the ground (Cokie borrowed his hotsauce) and that he's getting very little sleep. He sort of promised to take notes and send in a report sometime soon.

In other news, school starts next week, but until then we are dragging out our vacations as long as possible. Including the one from blogging.

Hope everyone is warm, toasty and enjoying the new year.

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What exactly is "borrowed his hotsauce" referring to?

Posted by: Morris at January 9, 2008 10:28 AM | PERMALINK


She asked to borrow the tabasco sicko.

Posted by: Armand at January 10, 2008 01:23 PM | PERMALINK
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