January 23, 2008

The Clintons, Condescending to Us Rubes

Publius is definitely on to something in this post from Tuesday. It's something they do frequently - for example, in this attack ad playing in South Carolina. It's mendacious. It's thoroughly untrustworthy. It's horrible for political discourse in this country. And it shows a complete disinterest in fostering a coalition of support that would include anyone who's not already among their BFFs or top pals and contributors. And it's that last bit that I think Publius should have gone into more deeply. This kind of behavior would seem to suggest a highly insular political style in which the Clintons will be cloistered away with those they already trust, while they insult the intelligence of the rest of us. And given this style and their previous years in the White House it would seem extremely unlikely a President Clinton would have much interest in rolling back the obscene claims of executive power we have seen asserted by the Bush White House. And that is highly troubling as well.

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Dear Bill:

Drop dead, you fucking sack of shit. And take your intolerable, haranguing spouse with you.

Love, a growing percentage of Americans

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