February 27, 2008

Somebody, Save Us From Tim Russert

Oy. He spends a ton of time asking a factually incorrect question in which he seems to confirm that Obama being anti-Israel is an idea to be taken seriously and be troubled about, and, yeah, you do have to wonder if he'd ever have asked it of a white candidate.

And how silly and ridiculous is Sen. Clinton in response? Ugh.

UPDATE: Oh, and I forgot about that truly ridiculous Iraq/Al Qaeda scenario. Russert really must be stopped. As Josh Marshall notes this morning:

These are not lines of reasoning I do not expect to hear in this campaign cycle. But they are precisely the sort of dingbat, tendentious reductio ad absurdum questions that I'll expect to hear from febrile talk radio yakkers outlandish political snuff ads. Which is sort where Russert got himself to last night.
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