March 21, 2008

"Do We Really Know Obama" at WVU

Interesting. Today through my office building copies of a sheet of paper have been taped up and posted. The paper details Obama's supposed flip-flops on NAFTA (with a reference to the debunked AP/Canada story), supposed flip-flops on troop withdrawals (with the thinnest gruel possible to story the charge), the Wright imbroglio (with completely inaccurate commentary), Michelle Obama's "proud of my country" comment (again, with completely inaccurate commentary), and "Obamas connection with known terrorists William Ayers" (which is mostly some 3rd party saying the 2 men know one another, and a review of Ayers' acts in the 60s). Putting aside that whoever wrote up this twisted hit job can't be bothered with the rules of punctuation and spelling, I find the timing of this interesting - since the Clinton campaign is pushing the Wright story and sees undermining Obama, making him unelectable, as the only shot it has at winning the nomination. And of course Senator Clinton was just in West Virginia, so maybe the campaign was giving some tips to some of her local fans?

Though one also wonders about the timing of this placement on the walls of the hallways. It's a holiday. Almost no one is here today. The building is locked. Unless the pamphleteer's intended audience is the custodial staff, it's an odd time to post this. But hey, maybe that's what the campaign is going for (that's not a slam at custodians - I just mean maybe the campaign may be targeting a specific demographic and knowing when it can get to them).

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Shame on you.

Posted by: binky at March 21, 2008 06:32 PM | PERMALINK

B/c of my usual tendency toward naughtiness?

Posted by: Armand at March 21, 2008 06:56 PM | PERMALINK
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