March 22, 2008

Bob Novak Is Floating Jindal for VP This Weekend

So in his widely-read weekend column Bob Novak (Novakula, the Prince of Darkness, what have you) is noting that a lot of people on the right are floating the name of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as a possible vice presidential nominee. This is true. I've seen Jindal's name floated in a number of places. But is it terribly rude of me to call - BULLSHIT - on such talk? Jindal is half McCain's age, and he's been governor for 2 months. True, he's impressed many on the right since he was in his mid-20s, and he's a conservative Christian who'd add some ethnic/racial diversity to the ticket, but c'mon. He's 36 and has been governor for 2 months. Given that McCain's campaign is going to be based on experience and preparedness, is it really a good idea for him to name Jindal?

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There is a rush in certain corners of the Rightosphere to declare Jindal the conservative Obama, and to push him to national prominence to "counter" Obama in some unclear-to-me way. I'm not clear on where it started, and don't have the stomach to dig through the muck to find out, but that seems to be what is driving this little boomlet.

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