March 24, 2008

Tim Johnson Wavering, Bredesen Argues For Back Room Deals

The Democratic race promises to go on and on and on - and the longer it goes on, the more different people are coming up with their own rules for deciding this thing. Yesterday Campaign Diaries noted that Sen. Johnson of South Dakota announced he'd back Clinton is she won his state, even though he'd previously come out for Obama. And Gov. Bredesen of Tennessee actually argued for the candidates getting together with the supers after June 3 to tell them their positions (uh, has Bredesen not been paying attention to the race for the last year?), and have the supers make the decision after that. Yes ladies and gentlemen, he's arguing for a return to the smoke-filled rooms of yore!

This really needs to end. The longer it plays out the more it breaks down. It reminds me of the 1992 election and the endless numbers of ways members of the House promised to decide how they would vote if they had to decide the presidential election that year. Creating more uncertainty and more arbitrary mechanisms of decision might be good for the Clinton campaign - but it's terrible for the party, and is sure to make many question the legitimacy of the process. That can't be good for the party or its nominee.

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