April 13, 2008

Obama Fans Dominate the WV Democratic County Conventions

That's the way things look according to the reports at West Virginia Blue. And that was certainly the case here in Mon county. As West Virginia's delegates are alotted according to the outcome of the primary election it's not clear how important this is. But it is clear that this election is bringing a lot of people into state politics - people who don't always agree with the traditional powers that be in the party.

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I'm curious about what the age spread was. As you know I have quite a few friends in what I'd call the "grad student age bracket" and quite a few of them are fired up as they have never before been about politics, fired up about Obama in particular, an participating in party politics for the first time on that basis.

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I'd say the vast of the bulk of crowd was 30-somethings and older. I know at least 2 undergrads were elected as delegates to Charleston, and there were some 20-somethings there - but not all that many. From what I gather WVU students for Obama is pathetically small. It was pretty much a young parents to old folks crowd. And while there were lots and lots of testimonials of people who were inspired like never before or never in decades - most of those were from people our age or older.

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