April 29, 2008

Garrison's Blog: Hacktastic!

UPDATE OF EVIL: One of the Bloodless regulars notes that his negative comment, one of the original 21 negatives, has now been deleted after having been approved, and displayed for a few days. Alas, the cache captured only the first five, so there's no resurrecting here.

So, the comments are back open at Garrison's blog. As I was paging through, what I noted was that the 20 odd negative and four positive comments were now separated by additions. For example, before comments were re-opened, the positive comment by our old friend Derek Long was immediately followed by the positive comment from Marcello Napolitano.

Since comments opened back up this afternoon there are multiple comments in between, all negative. Hmmmm!

Manipulation of public comments! Tasty!

UPDATE: WBOY is running a poll, and without censoring, these numbers are running 60% against Garrison.

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