May 13, 2008

Rumors of my (computer's) demise

Are true.

While in comparison to the havoc wreaked on others' lives and livelihoods, my loss is small, the storms that passed across the country this weekend were responsible for completely soaking my computer. It was sitting near a window that in ten years living in my house has never once been a problem for rain entering. This storm was something different. When I got home and picked it up it felt heavy, and then when I opened the top I saw droplets of water on the keyboard. I thought, "hmmm, did I just dribble from my glass of water?" not thinking that there was an external source.

The bad news is that the laptop is dead. The good news is that I bought a $20 doohickey that has now converted my (former) hard drive to a (now) external drive, and it appears I have lost no data. So, all the Flaming Lips shows and photos of the Drive By Truckers are safe! However it means my access will be spotty until I get a new computer, as I am working on anyone else's who will share.

So, be back soon, hopefully.

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