May 13, 2008

For Gov. Chris Gregoire (D-WA) Pork-Barrel Spending Comes Before National Security

The governor of Washington state took time out of her busy schedule today to write a diary on Daily Kos in which she attacks Sen. McCain for leading the fight that allowed for a major air tanker contract to be won by Airbus, not Boeing. Now I understand that she has to do things to appease angry constituents, but discussing the tanker contract as "economic stimulus" seems to kind of miss the point, no? The tankers aren't being built to improve the economies of France or Washington, they are being built to provide a vital service that's key to our national security. I don't think there's much debate that the Airbus plane rated better than the Boeing plane, in terms of our military's needs. So, personally, if she feels the need to attack John McCain I wish she would do it on one of the issues on which he's horrible (there are many) and not on an issue on which he can argue he is more concerned with the national security needs of the country than a Democrat.

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