June 02, 2008

Is the World War II Memorial That Bad?

So in the last few days Kingdaddy has written a post on why he hates the WWII Memorial, LGM linked to that, then Yglesias wrote a post saying he doesn't like it either, and linked to Robert Farley's old complaint against it. So dear readers, do you hate it too? I find the complaints against its form a little weird. Sure Nazis and Soviets used similar forms, but that's because the forms have been used for millenia. Building off the classics, I don't have much problem with that. I will agree that the design is perhaps to busy, and I'll definitely agree that it's too big, and I've never approved of its placement (smack in the middle of the mall). But while it's not a favorite of mine by any means, I can't say I'm really worked up about it. And hey, it is a perfectly nice place to sit and consider the history, I suppose.

For my money the best memorial at the moment is the one honoring Franklin Roosevelt. But I haven't been over to check out the Korean War Memorial yet.

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Well, I've always considered it a little gaudy, but I think Nazi comparisons are a little extreme. It's just in the old "triumphal" style. Not something I particularly like, but still. I really enjoy the fountain. Metal wreathes = tacky. As far as placement goes, I have no problem with it. Its not really in the war of anything. Kind of hard to get to though.

My favorites are by FAR Korea and FDR. Korea is just so eerie and understated - two characteristics that WWII definitely lacks.

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I agree with the too busy comment. When I first visited it, I felt like I couldn't take it all in. I'm jealous... I haven't seen the FDR one. The Korea one is very powerful, but only if you see it at night. It's so eerie then, but gorgeous at the same time.

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But could the design have avoided the comparison altogether?

Posted by: Kingdaddy at June 3, 2008 12:46 PM | PERMALINK
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