June 03, 2008

Wes Clark for Vice President?

Matt Stoller makes his case for the retired general. Mark Kleiman generally likes the idea, but he has a few concerns.

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If Wesley Clark is chosen, he will eat McCain's lunch everyday until the election. Every damned day. And afterwards, he will be a tremendous asset to President Obama in foreign affairs. Don't forget, Clark can't be Secy of Defense, and the Democrats are very deep in Secy of State candidates. Clark is a legondary campaigner and fund-raiser: ask the vets if you don't think so.

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I'd love to see Clark as Veep -- right now, he's probably my first choice -- but forgive my ignorance, why can't he be SecDef?

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When the current "National Military Establishment" was created post-WW II, Congress put in place a legal requirement that no one who'd served in the military could be appointed as SecDef until ten years after the end of her or his active service. I'm not sure these kinds of limitations (like the Johnson-era, anti-RFK decision that a president's close relatives couldn't hold compensated executive branch positions) make sense (though one can see the concern about coziness between the military the civilian Pentagon bureaucracy)--but, in any case, the law's still on the books.

Clark would make a superb VP candidate, I think.

Posted by: Gary Chartier at June 13, 2008 08:14 PM | PERMALINK
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