June 30, 2008

Swiftboating McCain?

Oh please. As if. That's what Andrew Sullivan is calling General Clark's patently obvious assertion that getting shot down during the Vietnam War doesn't qualify you for the presidency. The media has blasted Clark, similarly clueless and seemingly unable to process the words in the English language that he actually said. Sadly, the Obama campaign has joined in on the Clark bashing.

Look, there's nothing remotely controversial in noting that McCain's service in Vietnam tells us little about whether or not he's prepared to be president today. You can both respect his service then, and say it doesn't make him qualified to be president. In fact that's what Clark actually said. Sullivan, the media, and of course the McCain campaign though seem intent on twisting Clark's words - and of course in the process ignoring the quite reasonable, and important, point he was making.

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Clark's Stockdale moment. I guess I no longer have a dog in the Veep hunt. {Sigh}

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