July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Since it merits a thread, and since neither Binky nor Baltar has put one up, well, place any comments you'd like to make about it below. Quick thoughts from moi: it is indeed very good, Heath Ledger is excellent, but you know what (and yes, I'm a cold-blooded heretic) - personally I thought Aaron Eckhart was the best supporting actor in the film. Ledger is great, I don't mean to make light of his work - but I don't think it lives up to the hype (there's really no way it could), and he's helped by great dialogue and make-up. Maggie G. was great too, as was the script. On the whole I'd say it is one of the best pieces of summer entertainment we're likely to get - but it's not the best movie in history (as I think it's been rated on imdb).

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Now let me lay some truth on you: Seen back to back, RDJ blows Bale off the fucking screen. Robert Downey Jr. is to acting as a Stradivarius is to music. His face and body are instruments upon which a good story becomes a great story, upon which a wiseacre one-liner becomes a comment on the overlay of humor over tragedy. At this point in his career, with his physical presence a combination of grizzled and chiseled, he also brings a weathered gravity to even the most frivolous of situations.

I've seen it twice, and I'd see it again. I got bored by the end of Batman. And wanted to give Christian Bale a lozenge.

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