August 14, 2008

Will Bush Follow McCain's Presumptuousness?

Yes, the McCain campaign either lacks any sense of irony or the candidate has such a lack of self-awareness that one wonders if he's conscious. It's hard to imagine behavior more "presumptuous", as the word was defined by McCain earlier this summer, than the actions recently taken by the senator from Arizona. All on behalf of a country that's paid his top foreign policy aide to represent their interests (is that putting America first?).

But all that's pretty obvious, presuming you are more awake to world and political events, than, say, the Washington Post (or Sen. McCain). What I'm wondering about is the response the White House is going to pursue in light of the senator's statements. Do you think Bush is going to feel compelled to follow McCain's line, since that is the position of his party's presidential nominee? At the very least, might Bush feel it necessary not to embarrass McCain on the issue?

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