August 14, 2008

Serial Killer? He Must Be a Christian - Or Want To Be One

I'm watching season 1 of Boston Legal, courtesy of Binky and Baltar, and I'm digging this wacky show. I mean consider the following, and consider that it's said by Betty Fucking White to a murderous Leslie Jordan (aka, Will & Grace's Beverly Leslie and Sordid Lives' Brother Boy):

I am saying that if you are out there murdering people, on some level you must want to be Christian. Would you let me take you to church?

When the show enters a courtroom my interest tends to nosedive as in that setting the silliness often doesn't work. But in general it can be delightful weird. While James Spader really makes the show so far (appropriate for a guy who has won 3 of the 4 last Lead Actor in a Drama Emmys), some of the guest stars and side characters are fun too. Hey, this episode features not only the two listed above, but also Freddie Prinze, Jr.

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