August 28, 2008

Genius Lies

Matthew Sweet's new album, Sunshine Lies, came in the mail today. Good shit, nice art and signed to boot. I cannot wait for the Pittsburgh show.

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In 1991 I was in a band that was struggling to nail down a sound we all kinda-sorta had half in our heads. We were edging toward it... and then "Girlfriend" came out and we all said "THAT'S IT!!!" The syncopation, the fat old-school guitar textures, the groove... that was exactly where we'd been trying to go. We had five or six songs half-written that all sounded similar (but his was better, of course). Great stuff.

I'm glad he's still out there doing it and I'm glad his new stuff is good. I'll have to get a copy.

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Yeah, Girlfriend. Perfection.

I remember when you were playing in that band, and you practiced right down the hall from Kay Hanley and co. I don't think you liked that band as much as we did.

Baltar and I have recently been recruited to play in a band. It's funny. The singer/songwriter is half our age, but it's great to play again.

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Yeah, the Sound Museum. Funky space. C60's bassist was the live-in manager/guard. Reeves Gabrels had a space there. And here we were, basically a college-boy Stones cover band trying to go legit with original material, and oddly we just sort of fit in. Interesting world.

I liked the people in Letters to Cleo a lot -- we had beers with them a few times and got to know them a little. This was before Kay and whatshisface got all famous and shit, and they were all really cool to us. And yeah, I tried hard to get into their music -- but it didn't quite take.

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