September 11, 2008

Snake Eyes?

So JA has a post up in honor of Brian De Palma's birthday. The man has made some great films. Whether lurid and off-kilter or serious he's shown flashed of genius. At one time or another I've loved Carrie, Carlito's Way, The Untouchables, Blow Out, Dressed to Kill, Mission: Impossible, Casualties of War and Scarface (well, maybe loved is the wrong word to use for that last one, but it was pretty amazing). And even in some of his lesser works parts of 'em off stand out (like the bits of Body Double and The Black Dahlia he mentions - well, at least as regards Fiona Shaw). But while he's made some great and fun movies, the man's been prolific and made a lot of lousy ones too. So the question is - should I watch Snake Eyes? Every time I've ever asked anyone who's seen it the answer hasn't been no - it's been Nooooooooo!!!!! But remembering just how good he could be, well, I wish it was better than it apparently is.

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