October 03, 2008

Pants on Fucking Fire

So last night when the three of us were watching the debate at a mutual friend's house - with her totally awesome and completely fired up senior citizen who doesn't act like a senior citizen mom - as soon as Sarah Palin mentioned divesting in Sudan our bullshit meters started clanging. In case you missed that part, she said:

When I and others in the legislature found out we had some millions of dollars in Sudan we called for divestment through legislation."

And, it should be no surprise that what "we" called for was exactly the opposite (emphasis mine):

But a search of news clips and transcripts from the time do not turn up an instance in which Palin mentioned the Sudanese crisis or concerns about Alaska's investments tied to the ruling regime. Moreover, Palin's administration openly opposed the bill, and stated its opposition in a public hearing on the measure.

"The legislation is well-intended, and the desire to make a difference is noble, but mixing moral and political agendas at the expense of our citizens' financial security is not a good combination," testified Brian Andrews, Palin's deputy treasury commissioner, before a hearing on the Gara-Lynn Sudan divestment bill in February. Minutes from the meeting are posted online by the legislature.

Gara says the lack of support from Palin's administration helped kill the measure.

Love that mixing agendas part.

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