October 05, 2008

Pepper Pickle

It's not like I grew a peck, but I have a passel of poblanos. Who can suggest something yummy to do with them?

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Peck? Passel? Huh? I do have a recipe for a chile relleno type omlet that I enjoyed making many a year ago. Email me if you want it!

Posted by: kikimonster at October 5, 2008 06:31 PM | PERMALINK

Halve, seed, roast, peel, dice, and cook with tomatillos and chicken stock and a few other things to make an excellent green sauce for enchiladas etc. that freezes beautifully.

If you want the full list of other things, lemme know and I'll go dig the book out.

Posted by: jacflash at October 5, 2008 08:57 PM | PERMALINK

You know, I did see a recipe for stuffed poblanos with walnuts and pomegranate seeds, but that might qualify as the fad for willy-nilly throwing flavors on top of each other. I know chiles en adobo are always to be from chipotles. But why not try some vinegary/tomato-y combination with roasted poblanos? Seems like in the dead of winter it could be just the thing with brunch. Of course, what is that winter of which you speak? Down here we're still in the 90s. So maybe that's just a half-baked Texas idea. Oh the food puns. I'm here all night. Tip your waiters.

Posted by: Elizabeth at October 5, 2008 09:18 PM | PERMALINK

Wait, these poblanos have turned red. Unless the university farmers who started them were lying and mislabeling them. These are nearly seven inches long, not quite as big around as your garden variety bell pepper, and more tapered. I've also got some "old fashioned white hot" peppers, which are about 3 inches long, and inch in diameter, and more waxy looking. I have tried for years to grow peppers, and it just does not get hot enough. This year, with my pop up greenhouse, they thrived.

Posted by: binky at October 5, 2008 09:33 PM | PERMALINK
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