October 31, 2008

The Next Doctor?

David Tennant has announced that his run as Doctor Who will end next year. Who will take his place in 2010? BBC News list some possibilities (McAvoy? Really? I love him, but I don't know about that idea). Of the names that are getting thrown around, I might pick John Simm. After all, he's already successfully played one Time Lord.

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I like Russell Tovey, but mostly because he's cute. But as Armand knows, I LOVED John Simm's appearance. He would be an excellent Doctor.

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I liked Tovey in The History Boys (his part wasn't huge, but I remember him). But, personally, I think I'd prefer a relatively older Doctor - or alternatively one who's quite young (21-ish?). I think having a really young actor playing a fantastically old character could present some interesting possibilities (one of the reasons I thought Banderas was horribly miscast in Interview With the Vampire was that they messed up the dynamics of that world given that Armand was supposed to be so young). But casting the right person of that age could prove difficult - so I'll stay in the Simm camp.

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