March 17, 2009

Our St. Paddy's Day Post

I'm not Irish.

But these guys were.

(Bonus points for anyone who actually knows that Metallica covered this, not wrote it.)

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We are Irish. Last name even starts with an O' (some say I love words so much I sought a last name that required punctuation). Anyhow, Phil Lynott is a God in this house. A God, I tell you.

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Ha. You want trivia? I'll give ya trivia.

Supposedly, Phil Lynott, Paul Rogers, Ritchie Blackmore, and Ian Paice made some attempt to form a supergroup in 1973 (and/or Lynott and Rogers were invited to join Purple, depending on who you believe), right as this track was charting, but the whole deal was nixed by Rogers' label, thus leading to all TL that followed this song, Bad Company, David Coverdale's career, etc., etc. Supposedly there are a few demo/scratch tracks in a vault somewhere that may or may not have Lynott singing as a placeholder for Rogers...

ps: IIRC this is a trad Irish pub anthem, not a TL composition. But this is indeed the definitive rock recording of it.

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