April 27, 2009

In Memory of My Father

I think I'll give this movie by Chris Jaymes a C. It's not bad, but in spirit it's like a lot of other things that are out there (think The Celebration, but funnier). To the extent it has a problem it's that it's all over the place, shooting back and forth among the stories of the title character's sons. And I actually quite enjoyed two those. So whenever the camera wasn't on Jeremy Sisto and Eric Michael Cole or on Matt Keeslar and Judy Greer, I was waiting for it to get back to them. Like I said, it's not bad. And there is some good acting in it, by stars I like a lot. And I've never seen a film so filled with Belle & Sebastian songs, so that's good too. So maybe a C is too low. But, like I said, it covers rather familiar territory.

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