June 27, 2009

Ken Rudin Ranks the Republican Governors

The usual path to the White House is running against Washington. So as the chatter begins about future propsects for the Republican presidential nomination, it makes sense that people are turning to the Republican governors. With that in mind NPR's Ken Rudin ranks the Republican governors who are closest to the White House. I'd say this is more or less on target, though I'd think the only ones with a shot are those in his top 8, plus Sonny Perdue.

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I'd say those top 8 are the ones who can realistically think about the nomination... I'd also say that in terms of "reaching the WH", any list that has Haley Barbour 3rd as a general election candidate is proof positive that the GOP needs a lot more time in the proverbial wilderness.

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You know back in 2005 (or so) I thought that the people with the best shot at the 2008 Republican nomination were Haley Barbour and George Allen. Things didn't quite work out that way, did they? By 2007 I thought a Barbour nomination was ludicrous given that scandalous behavior by others seemed to make nominating a money man a terrible move. But maybe now that Republican scandals regularly feature more sex than graft and corruption, maybe there's more room for him? Not that I think it's a good idea.

I wonder if people in the party will look at the 2008 electoral map and decide that what sunk them was Obama's strength in the Midwest. If so, that could help money flow to T-Paw or Daniels.

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