August 26, 2009

Oh Those Krazy Kids These Days - Pittsburgh 2009

So I saw that on the first day of class the flyers were already up - Come and disrupt the G-20 in Pittsburgh! Which leads me to throw out the following questions to you all. Is this just about people people wanting to do something Xtreme? Or do these people actually think the G-20 is some sort of cabal? And if so, do they really think that some stunts they attempt will harm the cabal in any way? There actually is opinion research on the famous Seattle protests, and that work suggests the protestors hurt their cause. I'm inclined to believe that much of this among students is that a bunch of people want to pull pranks, and feel like they are doing something. But then like the old-fashioned media I tend to forget a big chunk of the country is into conspiracy theories.

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Well, how many people in Seattle were actually there to protest the WTO and how many of them want to break stuff? Apply that to the G-20 and there's Pittsburgh in four weeks.

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I'm must glad I've got a trial -- and the hotel room that comes with it -- in a neighboring county that week that should run me late enough in the week taht I can "work from home" on Friday if need be.

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