September 05, 2009

It's the First Saturday of the 2009 College Football Season

Go Middies. Go Zips. Make Uga happy (is there a cuter mascot?). And of course, let's go Mountaineers. Demolish Liberty.

And Syracuse is playing down to its reputation. Less than 20 seconds into the game Syracuse is already losing to Minnesota by a touchdown.

With a bit more than 3 minutes played it's Minnesota 14, Syracuse 3. Over in Columbus Navy opened solidly with a long opening drive to tie Ohio State 7-7.

Oh those Middies. It's near the end of the third quarter, but a beautiful 99-yard drive ends in a nice touchdown pass. Ohio State 20, Navy 14. And why am I commenting on these games and not WVU's? Because the coverage of that includes seemingly 20 minutes of ads for every minute of game. And that's about 2 minutes of lame local non-coal ads (one featuring a former student) and 18 minutes of ads for Big Coal.

It's over, Ohio State 31, Navy 27. If there's a better game this afternoon that'll be a feat. WVU continues to win in not especially exciting fashion. Syracuse has been leading Minnesota by 3 with no new scoring for what's felt like about 2 hours.

9:15 Update: Virginia is about to lose to William and Mary. Interesting. And in tennis news, not long after a 17 year old American bounces Maria Sharapova out of the US Open, Andy Roddick has lost to a guy from Greensboro. And in horse racing Rachel Alexandra has done it again. She's still undefeated this year, and much as she beat the boys in the Preakness, today she beat the boys in the Woodward Stakes - becoming the first female to win the famous race.

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