October 16, 2009

Idiot Box

There are days when I'm happy as a pig in shit that I don't have a television. Yesterday was one of those. I completely missed all references to the Flying Balloon Boy (Who May Not Have Been Flying) all day. First I had heard about it was when I checked the news feeds on my RSS reader late in the evening and started finding odd references to a possible hoax (this was after the Larry King/Wolf Blitzer interview when the kid made his faux pas). I gather most of America was glued to the TV yesterday afternoon watching a homemade balloon float along, while police forces mobilized under it (in case it fell in their jurisdiction). I missed all of it.

I continue to remain blissfully happy in my ignorance. I haven't read more than a paragraph about it (and that mostly from gossip sites being snarky about the whole thing).

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