November 06, 2009

2 New Nominees to the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

As this is the US Circuit Court that covers West Virginia I've always got an interest in it. President Obama has nominated two men to join the court, both from North Carolina. One would be the first Latino to serve on the 4th Circuit. Both served as lawyers in the military. One went to law school at NYU, the other to Marquette. One is 55, fitting with President Obama's tendency so far to pick Circuit Court nominees who are older than those chosen by other recent presidents. The other is, like the preisdent, 48. Interestingly, one of these would fill a seat traditionally allotted to South Carolina. Giving North Carolina one of South Carolina's seats is probably long overdue as it has over twice South Carolina's population though South Carolina has traditionally claimed more seats on the 4th Circuit.

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