January 06, 2010

4 Races Reshuffled in 24 Hours

Ummm, wow. 4 big or just-became-big statewide races just moved around a lot. And unusually, though the changes were four major Democratic politicians dropping out of races, in all likelihood that probably helps the Democrats overall. In order of the Democrat dropping out:

Michigan Lt. Gov. John Cherry announced he will not seek to replace retiring Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Considering how unpopular she is, and how terribly he'd been polling I think this helps the Democrats - though that's contingent on who they can get to run instead of Cherry (and no, George Perles and Alma Wheeler Smith, both currently running, are not the answer the Democrats need).

Sen. Byron Dorgan's retirement moves a seat that was likely going to remain with the Democrats into the likely Republican column. Depends on who runs of course but generic Rs outpoll generic Ds in that state, and should he wish to run, the incumbent Republican governor is very popular.

Gov. Bill Ritter's retirement is good for the Democrats. Ritter's poll numbers were middling at best (accent on the at best), and there is a very strong bench of more popular Democrats in the state. I'd say that's one statehouse that just became more likely to stay in Democratic hands.

And Chris Dodd's retirement almost certainly strengthens the Democrats' hold on that Senate seat - especially since it seems Richard Blumenthal is going to run for he seat.

So overall that's one of the most endangered Democratic Senate seats probably becomes safe for them, one Democratic Senate seat is probably lost, one Democratic gubenatorial seat becomes a likelier hold, and now the Democrats at least have a fighting chance in Michigan - if they can get a better candidate to run.

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