January 23, 2010


Just now I got a call from the WV Democratic Party asking if they could count on my support for a donation of $100 or more. I laughed and said "no way." Then the caller said, "I know times are tight right now, so perhaps we could count on you for fifty?" I said, "Well, maybe if I could count on Democrats in Congress not to roll over on health care." She didn't get that that was a "no."

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I really don't get why there's not a set of visible and influential donors out there, maybe both groups like AFSCME or the Carpenters or individuals like the Schwartzs and Sabans (I'm just throwing out the level of donors I'm talking about), who hold a press conference and say not a penny to any candidate or committee until health care is passed. That would surely speed things along.

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Last night I got the FRC push poll that John Cole got the other day.

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Really? Did you mess with them?

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Of course.

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