February 16, 2010

Just Frightening

I read the NYT's long report on the Tea Party Movement.

Pretty damn frightening. Those people are really crazy. In my worst Randian/Libertarian days, I never believed what these nutballs do.

Oh, and a brief note to Ms. Stout (first page):

The Tea Party movement has become a platform for conservative populist discontent, a force in Republican politics for revival, as it was in the Massachusetts Senate election, or for division. But it is also about the profound private transformation of people like Mrs. Stout, people who not long ago were not especially interested in politics, yet now say they are bracing for tyranny.

Lady, if you think that what you are seeing from DC these days is "tyranny," then you are either ignorant or stupid. Tyranny is a genuine dictator telling you what you can do, watch, speak, listen to, and who you can talk to. By no stretch of any rational imagination is what we are experiencing tyranny. Go read a book.

I'm significantly more frightened of the Tea Party Movement than I am of the government (and I'm not real happy with them these days).

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