April 04, 2010

If Anyone Was Doubting Justice Stevens Was About to Retire ...

I'd say these stories make it clear he will be making that announcement shortly. You don't generally hold so many interviews about a possible retirement unless you are going to retire (well, presuming you aren't a professional athlete or a celebutante of some sort). And if that's the decision he's made, he really should do it soon so that hearings can be scheduled promptly for the summer.

By the way, is the president going to ever nominate anyone to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals? It's often described as the second most important court in the country, it's got a Republican majority among its judges (heck it's current Chief, since Douglas Ginsburg stepped down early to allow him to fill the position, is a an old bestie of Jesse Helms), and yet the president still hasn't nominated anyone to fill the vacancies on it.

UPDATE: John Cole is right, Sen. Specter's comments, hoping Specter retires in '11 instead, are freakin' nuts. It'll be easier to replace Justice Stevens when the Democrats have a smaller majority and when the Republicans are in the middle of a presidential primary? Riiiiight.

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