April 10, 2010

The Day After - My Initial SCOTUS Nominee Guesses

I know nothing about what's going on in the White House, but why not make some guesses, right? Play along if you wish.

The favorites - Diane Wood and Elena Kagan. Definite possibilities - Jennifer Granholm and Elizabeth Warren. Intriguing long-shots - Teresa Roseborough and Sheldon Whitehouse.

As to some other names, given the extent to which the president has criticized the turns in campaign finance decisions from the Court, I can't see Kathleen Sullivan being nominated. Pam Karlan? If the White House leaves Dawn Johnsen dangling, I don't see them fighting for Karlan. I do think a bold move to the center/right is much more Obama than a bold move to the left. But I don't think Ed Whelan and other Righties are doing Merrick Garland any favors among Democrats by so publicly embracing him as the man they won't filibuster.

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