May 04, 2010

DC Democrats Interfering in Democratic Primaries Nationwide

The morning news is that the DSCC is spending $300,000 to help Sen. Specter (D) defeat Rep. Sestak (D) in the Pennsylvania primary coming up on the 18th. President Obama and former president Clinton have cut spots on behalf of Sen. Lincoln (D) who is facing a challenge from Lt. Gov. Halter (D) in Arkansas. And there continue to be whispers of DC Democrats, including White House Democrats, are backing former Rep. Case (D) over Senate President Hanabusa (D) in the race to fill Hawaii-1.Personally, this makes me hope that the DC-backed candidates go down in each race. It's perfectly predictable that national parties will have favorites they want to support. But that's pretty much the epitome of politics as usual, and in an intensely anti-incumbent and anti-DC election cycle, why would the voters of PA, AR, and HI find being the darling of DC incumbents and fundrairser a good thing?

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