February 20, 2010


Alexander Haig died. Pretty crazy guy ("I'm in charge here."), but colorful. One of the first people I remember as a political figure, and in that sense, memorable to me. Conor Friedersdorf put together a list of great journalism in...
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January 21, 2010

Good Dog Too

Goodbye Beckham....
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November 28, 2009

Why I'm not reading Pajiba much anymore

So, Pajiba has started using a new ad format. Before you can even see the site, you get a full page ad. Currently it has something to do with underwear and game systems. Yeah, you, in the basement, Pajiba's primary...
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November 26, 2009


Everyone here at BloodlessCoup wishes you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. For those traveling, be careful. The ratio of idiots with cars (near me) to idiots with cars (not near me) seems very high....
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October 15, 2009

Greatest Website Ever

No, I'm not kidding. You have to like snarkiness, but who doesn't. Regretsy...
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September 03, 2009

Rules of blogging writing well

Write what you know and do it well...
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July 01, 2009

Day Glo

Check it out! KCB's hubby got his book reviewed on boing boing!...
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May 27, 2009

Reasons 512 and 513 I'm Glad Ann Althouse Isn't on Our Law Faculty

Her tendency to share every bizarre thought she has about the physical appearance or body movements of other women continues. Her all-knowingness appears so vast, I really wonder where she buys her crystal balls....
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April 22, 2009

NPH/Whedon Goodness

More Dr. Horrible. Yes please: A feature-length Dr. Horrible sequel is a serious consideration but not definite. "We've talked about doing an actual studio film, and we've talked about doing an independent tiny little thing," Whedon said. "We've talked about...
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March 17, 2009

Our St. Paddy's Day Post

I'm not Irish. But these guys were. (Bonus points for anyone who actually knows that Metallica covered this, not wrote it.)...
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February 14, 2009

Sure is nice here in NYC....

Hey, folks. The Bloodless Coup (all of us) are in NYC for work/vacation/conference/nothing. So, posting will be light. If I get bored during a panel, I might try posting. Hell, if I get bored during my own panel, I might...
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December 22, 2008

Does Jennifer Palmieri Have As Poor a Political Instincts As Her Former Boss?

Given the reaction to this, I'd say yes....
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October 25, 2008

Snot and exotic fruit

Geography is destiny. Since moving to WV my allergies have been hideous, and I have recently begun using a neti pot. And for the first time, today, in the new Kroger which is set up to look rather like a...
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October 15, 2008

538 in Morgantown?

While reading over their live blog of the debate, I caught an entry (8:50 pm) that said they were in Morgantown. And we missed it! I just talked to one of our friends/colleagues in the English department who was telling...
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October 05, 2008

"Say what you want about Hillary Clinton..."

Nice comment over at Sullly: The fact that so many other qualified women in the party, like Olympia Snowe (whom I admire greatly), Kay Baily Hutchinson, Christie Todd Whitman (my former governor) are able to communicate and connect with the...
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September 20, 2008

Barack By God Obama

Get yours Here. A 50 state plus PR and DC project. Via Boing Boing...
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August 14, 2008

Good dog

Goodbye Satchmo....
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July 31, 2008

Ezra on Jamie Kirchick and The New Republic

Wow. You rarely see someone taken down so thoroughly, and yet at the same time in such a calm and reasonable tone....
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July 23, 2008

Wed.'s Funniest Headline?

Of course Atrios is generally good at cutting quips - but this one is particularly good. And sadly, he's got a point about Big Media treading lightly around McCain's (often factually impaired) comments of late....
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July 15, 2008

University Employee Fired for Blogging?

From AAW, the ripples from the US Attorney scandal keep on going. This time, a blogger suspects he was fired (without warning or stated cause) for stirring the pot in Alabama: The abrupt dismissal of a veteran University of Alabama...
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July 02, 2008

Steve McQueen is the Coolest Goddamn Muthafucker On the Silver Screen!

This is the coolest thing I've seen this month. (Post title reference to a DBT song.)...
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June 13, 2008


Via Modern Fabulousity I see this - which such a slimy guy merits....
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April 12, 2008

Amanda Marcotte Turned Me Into Newt

The Witch: I'm not a witch I'm not a witch! Sir Bedevere: But you are dressed as one The Witch: *They* dressed me up like this! Crowd: We didn't! We didn't......
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April 05, 2008

National Geographic

From a comment thread discussion about NG subscribers: NG has a lot of features that attract compulsive hoarders. They are pretty. They carry some status. You can spend time sorting and displaying them. [whistles a happy tune and keeps moving]...
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April 01, 2008

We Are Saved.

Our overlords, Fafblog, seems to have returned. In case you were confused, this is good. (Unless this is an April Fools Day Joke, in which case I'll be pissed.)...
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March 26, 2008

Spring Break!

Okay, so it is now almost the middle of the middle day in Spring Break. So I think the three of us are go on something of a blogging hiatus for the rest of the week. Sadly none of us...
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February 24, 2008


The other day I had a conversation with Baltar about the threads at Balloon Juice, and whether I normally took the time to read them, because he doesn't. These days, I skip reading most blogs, not just the comment threads,...
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February 16, 2008

Blogroll Editing

As you may have noticed, there are some changes to the blogroll, several additions and a few deletions. I wish I could be a more ruthless pruner, but did manage to get rid of a few. Somehow I still can't...
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January 31, 2008

Reward Good Writing

Support Orcinus....
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January 29, 2008

The band is actually Bloodless Coup

But it's a cool meme (or would be if I had better programs than Paint). The reference photo, band name, and title....
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January 28, 2008

Not that it shows, lately

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You? Via...
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January 21, 2008

Be still my heart

Even though it appears to be hibernating (defunct?) this is singing my kind of tune....
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January 04, 2008

G'Kar, Killed in Iraq

The blogger known as G'Kar was killed in Iraq yesterday. Hilzoy has posted his final words, written in advance in the event this happened....
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December 07, 2007

Very Busy.

Sorry for the light posting; I'm very busy. Should get easier if I can find a good set of stairs....
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December 03, 2007

"We Try To Be Less Annoying Than PBS"

With a slogan like that, how can you say no? Gary Farber of Amygdala is fundraising. Update: Chris Clarke too....
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December 01, 2007

End Of Year Lists

Just an informational post: I found this website which is keeping track of a whole mess of "best of 2007" lists. Everything from books to music to architecture to stereo components. It's a work-in-progress, so new stuff gets added all...
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November 19, 2007

November 15, 2007

IR goodness

There are a couple of excellent discussions happening in the IR-o-sphere, one regarding graduate degrees and the other about Dani Rodrik's new book [Warning, NSFNG]. First, a discussion going between the Duck of Minerva and Lawyers Guns and Money, with...
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November 14, 2007

Maybe it won't be squid overlords after all...

Go read it all: John: ... no. We can still control our destiny, through elections.Tyrone: Like those voting machines are attached to anything --John: You always say that. But look,the Democrats won in 2006!Tyrone: Suuuuuuuure they did.John: What are you...
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November 11, 2007

A "shit to do" link dump

Because it's that time of year, and we all have "shit to do. By source: From the Liberal Avenger, a link to an Air Force Times story on how returning reservists are not getting help to combat employment discrimination. Also,...
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November 06, 2007

They Forgot One

These lists of missing bloggers have a big blank spot in them....
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Binky Still Loves You

She wants you to know that she would be posting, but the upgrade has affected her ability to get into the system. She'll be back as soon as that gets worked out....
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October 26, 2007

Carnival of the Liberals #50

Over at That is so Queer. Very cool format for an ongoing series....
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October 25, 2007

Ooh, google memes...

Saw this at Shakesville and couldn't resist. Top five google searches that return Bloodless Coup as the #1 link: "J. David Singer Rules" "the Troyeans" "Patchouliland" "sneaky bastages" "shot while being strangled" For the record, found at 1, 2, 3,...
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October 17, 2007


For a good cause, sure, but still......
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September 19, 2007

Weird Dreams

I don't know if it's more of a reflection of what I'm reading, what I'm eating, or how I'm sleeping, but last night I had a dream that Britney Spears moved into the neighborhood, and I called my two-doors-down neighbor...
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September 04, 2007


Like many people, I use Google alerts to keep track of certain issues I follow. In most categories, I have signed up for tracking of blogs and of news. This morning, I was surprised to find a link to Hot...
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August 12, 2007

Sunday's Best Line of the Blogosphere

From John Cole (emphasis mine): ...this "Second Life" phenomenon, which Tim described to me as much like WoW but without the +12 longsword of dork and more artsy people...
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July 14, 2007

A Short Break from Blogging

Okay, I am going to try to take a short break from blogging for another few days. With a family get-together in my immediate future ... well, I'm likely to be distracted for a bit. Again, I'm not sure when...
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June 21, 2007

What's With Sullivan and Ambinder's Blogrolls?

Lately I probably spend more time at The Atlantic's blogs than any other blogs. Between Yglesias, Sullivan and Ambinder they've got an insightful set of talent posting on a wide array of things political - and posting a nearly endless...
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Profane, yes, occassionally

But are we pungent?...
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June 20, 2007

Duh duh DUHHHH!!!

This made the rounds awhile ago, but CityRag reminded me that this is definitely the best five second video on the intarwebz:...
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June 07, 2007

My Apologies

To Norbizness, if I just deleted a comment you posted (which I'm afraid I might have done). We're getting so much spam lately that sometimes my fingers are a little too quick as I try to get rid of the...
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June 02, 2007

Steve Gilliard is Dead

He passed this morning. I think I speak for the whole crew here in wishing our thoughts, prayers and/or general good wishes on all those close to him. He ran a very informative and entertaining blog. Godspeed....
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May 16, 2007

Smart Writing

I think I'm in love: "the dumb just clings to her words like fresh morning dew" Oh yeah....
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April 27, 2007

Bummer in the summer

Have a nice vacation. Emphasis on vacation, hopefully....
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April 20, 2007


My writing is, evidently. I entered several samples from the music, politics, and other tags, and every last one scored male. Try it yourself. HT...
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April 10, 2007

More Law Students in the Blogosphere

So one of my favorite fellas in the greater Washington area (and a former student of at least one member of the Coup) has entered the blogosphere with two of his buddies. May I introduce you to Federalist 10....
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April 07, 2007

Not only is he ubiquitous...

... but he has the cutest childhood photos ever. Happy Easter, spring, what have you!...
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March 27, 2007

Why people think college professors are nuts

Not getting into the content of the crazy meltdown because plenty of other people are on it (here, here, here, and here, among others). There is one thing that interests me though... what is Althouse doing with her eyes? Is...
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March 07, 2007

So Let Me Get This Straight

You don't want posters to be identified so their employers can pull up bad information on them (and it wouldn't be as much fun...: Cohen said he no longer keeps identifying information on users because he does not want to...
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March 01, 2007

Hey, We're Officially A Lefty Blog, or People With Too Much Time On Their Hands.

Via Instaputz (nice name, by the way), we get this marvelous comparison (at GatewayPundit): So, lefty bloggers swear about nineteen times as much as righty bloggers. We're such fucking potty-mouths! In case anyone cares, this isn't a valid comparison. The...
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Circular Firing Squads

If anyone cares, a good chunk of the left-wing blogosphere is busy shooting itself in the foot here. It's entertaining in the same way that watching cars crash or William Huang sing is entertaining....
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February 23, 2007

Those Damned Liberals

We don't engage in wholesale conservative bashing here, though we do indulge ourselves every now and again. This is one of those times. Via Pharyngula, we discover Conservapedia, the wiki that removes the liberal bias that infests Wikipedia. Huh? While...
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February 07, 2007

Note to candidates: don't feed the trolls

On the whole fake outrage Amanda-gate situation, I am watching what the Edwards campaign does in response to the wingnuts' pressure. Campaigns that hire bloggers should know the blogger's work, and be prepared to stand by the employee. A campaign...
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January 09, 2007

Brain Cloud

Don't you hate it when your brain doesn't cooperate with what you intend for it to do? Like remember that you have a new blog that you really really really like? And that your brain is supposed to remember to...
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December 26, 2006

Jumbo Shrimp?

PunkAssBlog spreads the holiday cheer: Feminists for Life. Amanda writes about Feminists for Life a lot. I am not a member of Feminists for Life. I think that Feminists for Life is a very sneaky name....
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December 19, 2006

Net Neutrality Video

From the StealthBadger, a link to a YouTUbe video....
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December 15, 2006

A year of inane blather

Via PunkAssBlog, a blog meme. What's the first thing you wrote every month? January I missed this...but the Stealth Badger didn't: February Lawmakers in Indiana are trying to pass a bill establishing that life begins at conception. March Will anyone...
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December 05, 2006

Baltar's Best of 2006

If anyone cares, I suppose these are my "best of 2006" music selections. I say "suppose" because I've never really thought of which is better or worse, but I certainly have ones that I've played more than others. These are...
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November 30, 2006

What the hell is negative about "secularist" anyway?

Purist Alpinist Nudist Biologist Philatelist Internationalist Modernist Is it just me, or is there really something negative about those "ist" words? Adding ist or ism to a word usually colors it negatively, as can be seen in secularist. ... As...
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November 27, 2006

The Great Christianist Argument

Wow, this is rather fun - a lengthy argument between Greenwald on one side and Althouse and Reynolds on the other, over the use of the term "Christianist". It gets deliciously petty....
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November 23, 2006

Huh. And I thought we were Z-list

Someone should alert Perez Hilton. This has been all around, but I followed the link from Feministe....
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November 13, 2006

Blogspot Sucks

I'm tired of trying to read blogs and getting: 500 Internal Server Error Error 500 Blogspot... get your shit together!...
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October 26, 2006

This Says it All

Twelve Hours Have Passed Since the NJ decision regarding civil unions, and my parents are still married and I can't marry my cat. WTF?...
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October 24, 2006

The Utter Destruction of Michael Rubin

If you enjoy someone who deserves derision being methodically taken apart bit by bit by bit, and receiving the scorn he so richly deserves, you won't want to miss Greg's response to Michael Rubin. To say that the AEI crowd...
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October 22, 2006

Rising Blogging Insanity

So, there is this big blogging thing happening over at Feministe, where Ann Bartow seems to have threatened to sue one of the owners of Feministe for libel, and reveal the "real" name/address of her as well (see here, here,...
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September 29, 2006

A New Discovery

In the midst of national mourning over the blow dealt to civil liberties and the constitution, perhaps we all need to console ourselves with a little comfort food. No?...
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September 22, 2006

Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Not anymore. Blame Pandagon for finding the seal generator.....
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September 15, 2006

Somehow I missed this bit of news

Apparently, there are still people out there who read Ann Althouse. I know. Total shocker. Anyway...her attitude reminds me of something. Hmmm, wait, what could it be. Hmmm.... oh yes, I have it now... Now now young ladies, don't you...
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September 06, 2006

Add to the list....

of the ultimate blog posts. A sample: Daily Kos: Bush caught in three-way with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Little Green Footballs: Bush enjoys triumphant three-way with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. Gawker: Paris Hilton does pretty much anything. Cute...
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September 04, 2006

Go away for the weekend and the blogosphere starts sucking

Liz, at Granny Gets a Vibrator has deleted her blog. Massive suckage. I hope her treatment goes well, even if she can't keep writing....
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Tired. Very Tired.

I've been at the American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. I left at noon on Thursday, and got back at midnight Saturday (and got 11 hours of sleep in the middle). Some comments: 1. Political scientists are mostly boring. Everyone...
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August 27, 2006

Blogging the Plane Crash in Lexington

If you are interested in the topic, but haven't been following the coverage (or even if you have), Mark Nickolas has been doing an amazing job of blogging on the plane crash in Lexington, Kentucky. He's currently on Update #42....
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August 26, 2006

Bob Geiger's Saturday Cartoons

An excellent collection this week. I particularly enjoyed the Kim Jong Il....
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August 13, 2006

Sunday Night Links

The Sunday papers didn't excite me. Yeah, yeah, cease-fire in Lebanon (I'll believe it when I see it). British look for more terrorists. The FAA decides that banning lipstick won't make anyone safer. I'm unexcited. If you haven't read this...
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July 27, 2006

Does this mean Time.com will begin to use the term "ass-fucking"?

Ana Marie Cox is moving up in the big leagues....
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July 25, 2006

July 22, 2006

Technorati Lies

Having done survey research, and having supervised dissertations that used survey research, I have a soft spot for surveys. Not push-polling, mind you, but surveys, because I know some poor schlub is having the response rate waved in his or...
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July 17, 2006

Every time I watch Emergency Vets

Which makes me some kind of big softie in comparison....
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July 15, 2006

For the record once again...

Those heavy metal ******* have nothing on Rick Nielsen:...
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Oh My

Can you just imagine the Vlogs? The horror....
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July 13, 2006

To the hills, companeros!

Regroup! That was just a sunny warm up, as all good rebels know, to use the natural features of the environment as their allies. Then, turn the sun into your weapon! Oh yes, 1973 and 1974, thank goodness I can...
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July 11, 2006

Two More: Heavy Metal and Christmas!

This is more than starting to be absurd, but there are still arrows in our quivers. Various charges of "doomsday weapons" were much over-rated. I have no idea who Karkis is, and never hope to meet them. Look at the...
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July 10, 2006

The things you learn from flame wars

Not even going to touch the whole Goldstein extravagana. The joys of being tiny and insignificant. An idle click over to the Politburo Diktat with a comment by Tbogg did teach me a little piece of code that promises much...
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July 09, 2006

For the record...

I lobbed this puppy at the Liberal Avenger at lunch. And now The Editors think it is a one punch kill to Sadly, No!? The Liberal Avenger survived, only to bring back this. The horror. That other Dr. J. in...
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July 07, 2006


Double whammy: it's nice out, and I have work to do, which I will be doing on the porch or chaise, since it's nice out. Instead of postage, I have linkage. Steve Gilliard on the soldier arrested for the rape...
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July 05, 2006

Time Wastage

Via Slactivist, come a long list of fictional expletives (and the source they came from) at Wikipedia. Worth a minute or so of your time....
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July 04, 2006

Fireworks at last!

This is damn cool. And in case the applet doesn't load on the direct link, go to the main page and scroll to the July 4 entry (it's on top right now). Thanks, Hoffmania!...
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July 03, 2006


Just so we're clear on this: if you want to see music videos, go to cliptip, not some unnamed and/or upcoming video blog coming out of the Gawker "Empire" (explanation here). Gawker doesn't need any more money or exposure. Let...
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July 01, 2006

And who do you look like?

Pandagon has up a post using the face recognition software that matches you to a celebrity. I hope this isn't something homeland security it using, because the results are kinda funky. My top three matches were Julia Roberts (ok), Sophia...
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June 28, 2006

What an idea

More blogs should have musical interludes....
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If only more political history started like this

On this day in 1914, a cap was popped in the ass of the Archduke Ferdinand....
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June 26, 2006

Blogospheric Dust-Up

Can anyone explain to me, using small words and short sentences, what the whole DailyKos/TNR spat is about? Every blog I read is talking about it, but it looks like a silly fight, and thus not worth my time to...
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June 23, 2006

Friday Night Link Dump

Long time no dump, so in the spirit of "I spent most of the day driving and can't think straight anymore," some linkage: We're not racists, we just don't care about Black people. Or their voting rights. Cancel my account....
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May 31, 2006

Julian Sanchez Goes Shag

Since my bathroom's looked something like this for four years (ok, not quite so garish, but very Shag friendly) I guess I have to approve of this blog design....
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May 27, 2006

The Best Blog Sentence of the Week?

I'm very amused (in a sort of horrified way) by how Scott Lemieux concludes a post on Joe Lieberman and political messages on license plates: Shorter Tennessee government: "We proudly endorse treason in defense of slavery and white supremacy, but...
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May 12, 2006

Linkage in Lieu of Bloggage

Yeah, yeah, graduation is Sunday. Echidne of the Snakes visits our recent topic du jour, the oppressed white christian male. Who knew that black lesbian feminists ruled the world? Amanda takes on the LaTimes piece making the rounds about why...
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May 06, 2006

So Much Garbage, So Little Time

Really, there just isn't time. But on the other hand, the idiocy is so obvious, it's not even necessary to take the time. Involuntary Sexual Arousal and Touching: Say that someone intentionally taps you on the shoulder to get your...
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May 05, 2006

There are days when I think about quitting

There's no matching this genius: Indeed. It would be highly taxpayer-subsidized gay orgy to imply otherwise. … I’m sorry, did I say “taxpayer-subsidized gay orgy”? I don’t know what I could have been thinking. Naturally, what I meant to say...
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May 03, 2006

Juan Cole Totally Smokes Hitchens

And then goes on to make a case against war in Iran. Wow. I'd like to take this opportunity to complain about the profoundly dishonest character of "attack journalism." Journalists are supposed to interview the subjects about which they write....
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April 15, 2006


Been gone for a week, and still catching up. I'll be back around here in a day or so, hopefully. Today I've been trying to get caught on the personal, professional, and blogereffional, and one question keeps occuring to me...
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April 10, 2006

Eyewitness Reports

Binky is away for the week, and I'm trying to think through the fog that is my brain after grading tests for 16 hours straight yesterday. Posting is light. On the other hand, Binky (away) reported in that she saw...
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March 28, 2006

Biting our blog style...

...or our words, as the case may be. The AP doesn't think it is necessary to cite or credit blogs, and the Raw Story has it on tape: We contacted an AP senior editor and ombudsmen both and both admitted...
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March 27, 2006

Who's Your Daddy?

Your blog, evidently. 25 %My weblog owns 25 % of me.Does your weblog own you? Via PZ Myers....
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Account suspended?

Is anyone else getting this weirdness when they try to visit Pandagon? UPDATE: Via Ampersand ..they are overloaded with hits and workig to get back up. UPDATE II: Pandagon is temporarily down, due to the broken promises of our new...
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March 24, 2006

Right Wing Blog Etiquette

This blog is coming up on it's second anniversary. I can't speak for binky or armand, but I got into blogging as a way of expanding the circle of people to argue and debate with. I had read blogs for...
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March 21, 2006


Since I have nothing at stake, perhaps I can avoid the Wrath of Baltar (TM) as I encourage you to head over the vote for the Koufax Awards. There are great folks nominated. Support the home team, and all that....
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March 19, 2006

On the "Liberal" Base

Posted without comment, but with a few added emphases, 'cause he said it well already : Per the Washington Post's logic, this Newsweek poll shows that 50% of the American people are unhappy with Republicans leading Congress, and the Post...
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March 14, 2006


I don't often comment on the workings of the "blogosphere" or whatever it's called these days (in fact, this may be my first post on the subject). Recently, however, I noted two events that seemed worthy of comment: 1. Orin...
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March 12, 2006

Henry K: "A Sad, Sad Old Guy"

We now take you to Helena Cobban acting like a poorly-informed ass: Why did anyone ever take this sorry old guy's "intellect" seriously at all? He strikes me as just a muddled, highly irresponsible, imperialistic old bully. I like Helena's...
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March 07, 2006

Yes, do, please

You might or might not be a devotee, but this is a lovely post. Absolutely he should write more of these fabulous sisters....
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March 05, 2006

Oye Paraguay

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March 02, 2006

Linkity link link

Via C&L a reminder of Frank Zappa kicking ass for free expression. Also via C&L, the goverment does a shitting job on Quaker surveillance. Like government, like GOP, collecting information on voters. Alito writes thank you notes to Dr. Dobson....
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February 28, 2006

The IR Folk Have Time on Their Hands

create your own visited countries map create your own visited states map Duck of Minerva, baby! Pitsnogled! Sorry, couldn't help myself....
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February 25, 2006

Thoughtful Post on Summers, Academic Freedom

From one of my favorite blogs, a post on civility and censorship....
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February 21, 2006

I was thinking about a link dump

But Jill did it already....
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February 18, 2006

Ah, vanity!

Via PZ Myers, the Simpsons generator. They didn't have the right musical instrument, but hey, close enough. I am trying to learn guitar....
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February 16, 2006

Thursday roundup

Keep your eye on the ball: The Bush administration is trying - perhaps successfully - to kill the Congressional inquiry into illegal domestic spying. Lawmakers cite senators such as Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine) to illustrate the administration's success in cooling...
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February 09, 2006

Kicking Widows and Orphans, Why Religion and Medicine Don't Mix, & Various Bloggy Tidbits

From Pandagon a letter to the editor from a woman whose doctor - who is hopefully being sued to the high heavens for malpractice - wouldn't inform her of the need for or perform an emergency D&C when she miscarried....
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February 02, 2006

How about a nice cup of steaming links?

From Majikthise: a group of constitutional scholars weighs in on NSA Spying and Wikipedia IP bans Congress because its staffers don't play nice. Pam's House Blend shows some wingers are already worried that Alito isn't conservative enough. Hoffmania reminds us...
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January 29, 2006

In case you couldn't tell...

...by the blogging burst, it's a cold, rainy, shitty day, and I am sitting in front of my gas log with all my creatures, variously reading the NYT and WaPo, a book on which I am writing a review for...
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January 28, 2006

We are the enemy?

Via Hoffmania this BBC report about "the US military's plans for "information operations" - from psychological operations, to attacks on hostile computer networks." Some tidbits, but the BBC piece is long: The declassified document is called "Information Operations Roadmap". It...
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January 19, 2006


So, a couple of my favorite blogs have switched over to WordPress, and like with Typepad, you can register so you don't have to go through comment moderation and all that. But unlike Typepad, you can't - or I haven't...
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January 11, 2006

Do you do cute?

Really cute? Look at the kitty! Extreme close up kitty!...
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January 07, 2006

Liberal Linkage

The Third Carnival of the Liberals is up!...
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January 02, 2006


This post from Driftglass must have taken a long time, a lot of emotion, and and is well worth your time to page all the way through. All the way to HST and Pryor....
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December 26, 2005


Well, aren't we a bunch of suckers. The Mao kid was lying. Asshole....
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December 21, 2005


Check out the Fifth Carnival of the Feminists and Second Carnival of the Liberals!...
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December 20, 2005


Now what do I do? Sorry but the Liberal Avenger is unavailable right now We are peddling as fast as we can to get this thing back up and running. Until we fix whatever the problem is you might want...
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Link Dump

Lots out there today. Just follow the worldinterwebwidenet around: Kevin Drum explains the legalities behind the NSA wiretapping issues. Kung Fu Monkey on W's law breakin'. Norbizness has a bunch of links to stories you probably haven't seen. A pair...
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December 07, 2005

Carnival of the Liberals

The first ever Carnival of the Liberals is up today! And yes, it's a shameless plug, because they picked up my Planned Parenthood post....
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November 27, 2005

Ever feel like you're being...watched?

And that you might be paying for it? From Jesus' General, the second report that he has been visited by CIFA (Counterintelligence Field Activity). And no, don't try to use the address he captured from his sitemeter. It doesn't work....
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November 20, 2005

Behind the Gym at 3 O'clock (L vs R)

L: You're a plagiarist. R: Racist!!! But you're right that I don't really write all my own stuff. The L response....
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November 18, 2005

Can you say crash and burn, boys and girls?

The whole Pajamas Media thing gets curioser and curioser by the hour. In the search for a name with more gravitas, they switched to Open Source Media. Should have done some googling first, however. Steve Gilliard has a post about...
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November 16, 2005

Josh Marshall Explains It All

So I just readTalking Points Memo , and it appears that Joshua Michah Marshall had a busy night. There are all kinds of goodies over there that deserve a look. The highlights include more evidence that the Vice President of...
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November 15, 2005

The Woman Thing (Part 7854)

Picked up via Feministe, more coverage of the woman blogger "phenomenon". Some good points, some less good points, but the one thing I liked best: "Blogs"--short for web logs--have become the most popular political tool since Thomas Paine stamped "Common...
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November 13, 2005

Sunday Morning Blog Roundup

I havne't touched the Sunday papers yet (the WaPo has a front page story about the decline in voting-rights and civil-rights prosecutions by the Bush Department of Justice that looks interesting, though not particularly surprising), but I thought I'd post...
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November 10, 2005

That'll be the day!

Via John Cole an urgent action backed by both Kos and RedState. November 9, 2005 Dear Member of Congress, As bloggers from the right and left, we don’t often agree on much. But when it comes to free speech online,...
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November 07, 2005

Once Upon A Time, The Light of Reason Flared

In the perpetually waiting updates to the blogroll, one on the list to be re-added/adjusted is Arthur Silber. For those who didn't read him before at the now-discontinued Light of Reason, you should have. He's back, with a new blogger...
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Daily Kos Is Funny - Accidentally

This post is right above this post. Given the latter, is an endorsement from The Washington Post something to brag about? Of course the lameness and obtuseness of the paper's editorial page is nothing new. They've long been apologists for...
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November 01, 2005

Jane, You Ignorant Slut (Food Fight at Ezra's Place!)

In case anyone is interested in watching two Democrat-friendly bloggers throw it down as if they were in the middle of drag queen jello wrestling, I'll note this exchange in a comments thread between David Sirota and Neil the Ethical...
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October 25, 2005


1) Crooked Timber 2) May Day 2004 3) I don't know of any, maybe MoonOverPittsburgh? What am I talking about? Via Pharyngula, the Who's Your Daddy project at The Politburo Diktat. The task is to list who inspired you to...
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October 23, 2005

Links for Reading

There are a couple of blog posts fermenting around here (including another craptavaganza movie review from Baltar) but real life grading is calling. I was looking around for some links to keep y'all busy in the mean time, and decided...
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October 21, 2005

Save the Conspiracy from Maggie Gallagher

And speaking of preachy, poorly-informed people who can't seem to make critical arguments without succumbing to an unfortunate combination of inaccuracy, gross generalization and glaring omissions ... is Maggie Gallagher's presence on the Volokh Conspiracy this week one of the...
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October 18, 2005

Real Scholars Don't Blog

And if they do, they shouldn't be dumb enough to do it with their own names and/or let their colleagues/future colleagues know about it. How do I know this? I've been off being scholarly for a few days, and blogging...
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October 04, 2005

Blogs and the Academy

Henry of Crooked Timber links to an article he wrote for the Chronicle of Higher Education on blogging and academia. A while ago there was an anonymous piece suggesting that blogging was not a good idea, particularly for those on...
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The Zth Percentile

The Stealth Badger riffs on the Rev. Mykeru's discussion (such a tame word to describe Mykeru) about the difference between A-list bloggers and "Z-list" bloggers. From Stealth Badger: How to tell you're a happy Z-Lister: You don't have enough readers...
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September 23, 2005

Spelling, Rick Santorum, and the Sad State of Education

Heh. That'll draw you in, won't it? Here's the deal. Since when can no one spell the word bestiality? That's BEST as in "fucking animals is the BEST reason to leave Georgia" or "Rick 'Man on Dog' Santorum" is the...
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September 22, 2005

Today's Copy Quickie

Rules: 1. Go into your archive. 2. Find your 23rd post (or closest to). 3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to). 4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions. Nonetheless, I can already...
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September 17, 2005

You'll know it when you see it

Really, you'll have to, because there's no definition around. Morality in Media Inc. (Inc!) has a page devoted to reporting obscenity crimes on the internet. It's a "resource for educating the public and for reporting possible violations of internet obscenity...
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September 10, 2005

The General Has All the Fun

First the ukulele, and now a link to HTML art from the Parsons School of Design. Organic html, in return for plugging in your URL (or say, 30-40 if you have time on your hands) the web site uses the...
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September 09, 2005

Beware the Ire of the Downtown Lad

The Downtown Lad is on a tear.On attempts to expand the borders of the hallowed World Trade Center site:It looks like the aim of the firefighters and the victim's families is to remove any signs of life whatsoever from Lower...
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August 25, 2005

Reductio ad egomanium

The Poor Man, er, excuse me, The Poor Man Institute for Freedom and Democracy and a Pony, has a post about the fetishism of credentials in certain sectors. Just this week, I was thinking about two other fetishes. Fetish 1:...
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August 19, 2005


And you thought people shared too much information on MySpace and Friendster. Now you can bare your sexual past on shagster, and find out who is in your sex network, among other things. "Shagster.net is a site to keep track...
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July 22, 2005

Not Nice at All

As always, discussions on the internet always have to come back around to talking about men and their interests. Funny how that happens, eh? However Bitch, Ph.D. hits the nail on the head, as usual. While reading her description of...
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July 17, 2005

Go Read This

Can I say once again how much I love Bitch, Ph.D.? She has a truly wonderful post, that links to a journalism dust-up that should hit all of us close to home. Her post reflects on two pieces: one a...
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June 15, 2005

Eschaton Rocks!

It's days like today that we are reminded just how good a blog Eschaton can be. CNN turning into Girls Gone Wild, a serious note about the coming petroleum crisis, Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander's grotesque, self-serving lies, shockingly shoddy...
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March 21, 2005


We at Bloodless Coup have slipped under the radar of the whole woman bloggers drama stirred up over a post by Kevin Drum. For one, we are too tiny to rate as a popular blog. Alas, we are also too...
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December 23, 2004

Holiday Break

I'm going to take a break from this for a few days (and I'm guessing Binky and Baltar will continue their winter blogging slumber for a bit longer too). Have a great weekend. I'll be back sometime next week. And...
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November 11, 2004

Unified Field Theory

OK, if you are pro-creationism and anti-evolution, stop reading now, or you will just get ticked off. A nod to Baltar for calling my attention to this post on "classroom activities" over at Fafblog. Even better is this comment, which...
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