December 07, 2009

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Crutch*

WWJD? Really? Jesus would give a flying fuck about assholes with too much money telling everyone which sweatshop-produced t-shirt to buy for Christmas, er, celebration of solstice or Mithras or some pagan hippie asshole? Rather than go all Tim Tebow...
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July 02, 2009

Because "The Comparative Politics of White People" sounds like such a fun class

Despite the fact that students who enroll in multicultural studies programs perform better, wingnuts in Arizona want to de-fund schools that teach "ethnic studies:" The law in question prohibits the teaching of classes that “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the...
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May 31, 2009

Well-Known Doctor Murdered in Wichita Church

Distubring news out of Kansas. He'd been shot before, and the news report notes years of harrassment....
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February 16, 2009

Out of state meddlers, peddling hate in WV

Hopefully they will go the fuck back to whatever rock they crawled out from under with this nonsense. These are not West Virginia values. More here, here, here and here....
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May 02, 2008

Entire Oklahoma Legislature to go to prison

Well, at least according to the Oklahoma Statutes on forcible sodomy, and forcible sodomy being what they have legislated. And given that they have just proposed to "[force] another person to engage in the detestable and abominable crime against nature"...
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March 21, 2008

Crazy Preachers

Bitch PhD makes a list of some of the White, and from the Right, nuttiness in order to point out the double standard: Kotsko sums it up: white preachers obviously believe all kinds of crazy things -- for instance, that...
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March 16, 2008

Fear and Hatred

Everyone else has heard about Rep. Kern, but we've got ugly in our backyard too. Makes me want to break out the brokeback mountaineer shirts I had ready to go when Fr*d Ph%lps was planning a protest here....
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March 08, 2008

The gays are infiltrating the city councils

Including the one up the road in Pittsburgh, according to an Oklahoma politician: More information on her, and Oklahoma politics at Okie Funk. Rep. Kern's page. In addition to freaking out about the gays, looks like she loves her some...
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December 04, 2007

I heard the news this morning

There was a story about how US rankings on math and science internationally have dropped yet again. Yeah, Texas, you keep going with that, and drag the rest of us with you....
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June 10, 2007

Fun With Statistics

Via Pharyngula, we get some initial results of the 2006 General Social Survey (GSS). The GSS is done every few years (two? four? I don't remember), and is an attempt to study the general characteristics of the population of the...
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February 16, 2007

Silly respondents, you're thinking of libertarians

ABC: Many of those interviewed saw atheists as cultural elitists, amoral materialists, or given to criminal behavior or drugs. She states, "Our findings seem to rest on a view of atheists as self-interested individuals who are not concerned with the...
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February 13, 2007

"Terrorized Into Quitting Their Jobs"

So now both Shakes and Amanda have resigned their positions. Shakes has been less public about the details of the harassment she has received, but this has gone into the realm of witch hunt. There will be some who clamor...
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January 23, 2007

"Because I am not mentally stable, you should not be allowed to have an abortion"

That's what this article should have been titled. It's a terrible shame that this woman has suffered a life of misery starting with sexual abuse by a sibling and being raped at the age of 14, if that was truly...
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January 13, 2007

The "Christian" Right: Not So Biblical After All

From Crooks and Liars: HOLY CRAP: Can I get an "Amen"?…A loaded word, loaded with relevance… What does the Christianist Right see when they look at history?  OK, how about when they look at a Bible? ...
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December 12, 2006

The Aroma of Jesus Christ

Faith, family, then country. That's the way to approach national defense. Jesus fucking christ....
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November 18, 2006

He looks and sounds like he's close to finding out*

Ah, Pat Robertson. The one who gave us so much goodness, including the quote about feminists: Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians....
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October 24, 2006

We've been telling them this for ages

GAO report critical of abstinence only sex education. Some addition tidbits: According to Columbia University researchers, virginity pledge programs increase pledge-takers' risk for STIs and pregnancy. The study concluded that 88 percent of pledge-takers initiated sex prior to marriage even...
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August 24, 2006

Practicing Medicine Without A License

Sounds kind of scary, huh? Not as scary as the thought that pro-lifers, eager to whisk abortion susceptible women into their clinics for unnecessary (and sometimes repeated) ultrasounds administered by non-medical personnel, might be irreparable harm to the fetuses they...
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May 07, 2006

The Pill=Satan

No, I am not "shitting you." "I cannot imagine any development in human history, after the Fall, that has had a greater impact on human beings than the pill," Mohler continued. " So, remember when I was telling you about...
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Politicizing Science: The CDC Version

Republican representative forces scientific panel on the failure of abstinence programs to include pro-abstinence speakers and bumps a panelist who was to present on how abstinence campaigns cause STDs to increase: Researchers organizing a federal panel on sexually transmitted diseases...
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March 23, 2006

Lawyers...can this be refused?

In Kansas, at roadside stops the police are going to start taking fingerprints? If you are stopped by police in Kansas, dont be surprised if the officer pulls out a little black box and takes your fingerprints. !!!...
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March 16, 2006

Abortion Statistics

Via this Lawyers, Guns, and Money post, I found the comments by the Missouri Republican Party interesting: An attempt to resume state spending on birth control got shot down Wednesday by House members who argued it would have amounted to...
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February 05, 2006

Didn't this guy see Footloose?

In the end, this guy is not the one who wins. Confused? The attorney general of Kansas has mounted a steady assault on the privacy of doctor patient confidentiality, all in the name of protecting young women. Kline subpoenaed the...
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January 23, 2006

Just what we need...

Fr*d P**lps is coming to West Virginia. From the flier, posted at G*d H*t*s F*gs: West Virginia is by far the worst. Murderous, blood-thirsty thugs is not too strong. Foul-mouthed issuers of terroristic threats - which is felonious conduct in...
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December 21, 2005

On second thought....

Maybe Christmas spirit isn't what we need. Via Pandagon, the Fetus Tree: Lorinda Hartzler, co-owner of Body Boutique, said that when Birthright of Lawrence asked about providing the tree it said it had no political agenda and wanted only to...
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December 16, 2005

Science Makes White Supremacists Cry...

...with the mapping of the human genome. Scientists said yesterday that they have discovered a tiny genetic mutation that largely explains the first appearance of white skin in humans tens of thousands of years ago, a finding that helps solve...
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December 09, 2005

Puta mierda del estado!

At first I though, no me jodas!, Kansas again?! As if we needed more evidence that Kansas was hell bent on ruining the job prospects of every young person in that godforsaken state: "It was, like, totally not in the...
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