February 25, 2010


This is the greatest comedy in the history of comedy. I can no longer attempt teh funny anymore; everything else pales in the face of this: US Missile Defense Agency Changes Logo to Obama~Islamic Crescent Hybrid! Not even the Onion...
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February 16, 2010

Just Frightening

I read the NYT's long report on the Tea Party Movement. Pretty damn frightening. Those people are really crazy. In my worst Randian/Libertarian days, I never believed what these nutballs do. Oh, and a brief note to Ms. Stout (first...
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December 07, 2009

Jesus Fucking Christ on a Crutch*

WWJD? Really? Jesus would give a flying fuck about assholes with too much money telling everyone which sweatshop-produced t-shirt to buy for Christmas, er, celebration of solstice or Mithras or some pagan hippie asshole? Rather than go all Tim Tebow...
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October 15, 2009

Greatest Website Ever

No, I'm not kidding. You have to like snarkiness, but who doesn't. Regretsy...
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August 25, 2009

Next thing you know, they'll ban dancing

Or Bacon. Zing!...
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August 19, 2009

Local color

Today while on I68 headed towards my favorite local mountain biking spot, I passed a pickup hauling a trailer with one bumper sticker on it: Don't blame me, I voted for Palin! Well, now, of course you did....
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August 12, 2009

The Depths of Ignorance Know No Bounds

Via Sullivan, we get this: According to Public Policy Polling (PPP), a North Carolina polling firm, only 24% of self-identified Republican voters in the state believe Barack Obama was born in the United States. 47% do not believe that Obama...
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July 02, 2009

Because "The Comparative Politics of White People" sounds like such a fun class

Despite the fact that students who enroll in multicultural studies programs perform better, wingnuts in Arizona want to de-fund schools that teach "ethnic studies:" The law in question prohibits the teaching of classes that “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the...
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June 26, 2009

Mark Sanford Compares Himself to David?

This is bizarre. Either he doesn't know the Bible very well, or ... he thinks he's a king appointed by the almighty who can have any woman he wants and then have their husbands killed? Or, something like that? And...
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May 20, 2009

Democrats Surrender Prematurely

I just plain don't get the brain trust that runs the Democrats in Congress (if there is one). I mean, they have an overwhelming majority in the House, and have either 59 or 60 votes in the Senate (depending on...
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May 14, 2009

"Coal is West Virginia"

I have no idea what the point of this West Virginia Public Radio story on the "Battle of Ringtones" was meant to convey. The story had a very pro-coal vibe to it (the only ringtones discussed were pro-coal ones; none...
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May 13, 2009

I found Paradise.

I had no idea that paradise was this close....
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April 15, 2009


There was a teabag protest in town today. I needed to walk by, both because I had to get home and let the dogs out, and because, well, I needed to see this. There were about 250 or so gathered...
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January 06, 2009

Laws Have Meaning

I realize that Blago is either the dumbest or the most corrupt politician (or both!) in America these days. I follow that much. What I don't get is why the US Senate is refusing to seat Burris. Follow me here:...
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December 12, 2008

Dear US News Media: Learn To Read

Dear Media: I have noticed a recent trend in calling Obama's incoming Cabinet by an old phrase - "The Best and The Brightest." You should note that this phrase refers to a good book, but the book uses the phrase...
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October 17, 2008

Public Service Announcement

I don't know how she got like this. But whatever did it to her, you should avoid drinking/eating/snorting/seeing/reading/smelling/listening to it. On the other hand, this is awesome in so many ways that scientists haven't invented a number big enough: (These...
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October 13, 2008

Fiddling while Rome Burns (not Financial Crisis related)

As some of you may know, the august institution that most of the Bloodless Krew work at has had some recent problems. The old President left (normally). The search process to replace him looked and smelled funny, and resulted in...
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September 30, 2008

Lurkers Should Comment More

I've just been informed that there is a certain someone who regularly reads our blog. An important someone. We're proud of the bloggingness that we do here, and we like it when readers (lurkers) become commenters. It keeps the blog...
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September 20, 2008

Alas, probably true

Index of global Relevancy to to average american....
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September 15, 2008

Oh, the liberal bias! The crazy feminism!

/snark Under Armand's post below, I commented about wacky hijinks that ensued when two - count 'em! two! - college republican papers were once published at my alma mater, and left a link to the "liberal" Alligator. And thus I...
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September 13, 2008

Highly Offensive

That's what this is, evidently, to someone who lives on my block. This week I received from the city a notice that I was in violation of city code for "excessive weeds" and "obstructed sidewalk." Look again at the distressing...
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September 11, 2008

So It Wasn't Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein

There really are no words for this. I mean I've come to expect most anything to come out of the mouths of Bush administration mouthpieces, but given what they've done while scaring the country to death about Osama and Saddam...
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September 10, 2008

Oh, For The Love of God...

CNN is advertising that they will have Chuck Norris on tonight to talk about politics. Presumably tomorrow they'll have on Colin Powell to discuss professional bass-fishing, and Friday will feature James Carville to discuss how the new IPod will influence...
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September 06, 2008

Just like snowflake babies

The GOP steals "rescues" flags from the democrats....
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August 23, 2008

New task of Homeland Security: Keeping your penis safe

They don't want you to use products without warning labels. No, really: Penis enlargers and constricting rings to maintain erections can be seized at U.S. borders, U.S. regulators said Thursday, citing inadequate safety labels....
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August 19, 2008

The Amethyst Initiative

Oh please please please let these 100 college presidents work some magic and get the 21 year old drinking age reversed. Infantilizing adults is no way to run a society, much less a free one. And talk about your laws...
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June 12, 2008

Words Fail Me (Part 2,304,201): Supreme Court Rulings Edition

From the NYT story on the Supreme Court rulings that struck down most of the Bush Administration's attempts to keep Al Qaeda out of our courts, comes this wonderful quote by our fearless Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: And...
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June 11, 2008

No patience for books?

Does the internet ruin books? For me, no, but it has ruined video and/or TV. If I click on a video and it's more than a couple of minutes long, forget it. For example, this clip of Bill Moyers giving...
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June 06, 2008

Cheney, Rumsfeld and Their Circle - Duped by Iran?

I can't decide which of these two paragraphs is more troubling. A top aide to then-secretary of defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, however, shut down the 2003 investigation into the Pentagon officials' activities after only a month, and the Defense Department's...
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May 25, 2008

Who knew keffiyehs came in paisley?

Wonkette (and everyone else under the sun) shoot fish in a barrel. I find this funny because I've had the same thing happen to me. In fact, the person who had Armand's job before him was warming up to give...
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April 13, 2008

"Wow, that's a very serious marker"

Via the StealthBadger, more proof that idiots are in charge of educating the children: Benisch stands by his decision to suspend Harris, saying it sends a clear message about substance abuse. "This is really, really, seriously dangerous," Benisch said. In...
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