December 07, 2010

Let's have a toast for the assholes...

Or at least the liars: 3.32pm: "This case is not about WikiLeaks," district judge Howard Riddle told the court, according to my colleague Sam Jones, who was there. No. Of course not. Sexual assault in Sweden is of the utmost...
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February 27, 2010

From the "Bitches is Crazy" File

Really? Planned Parenthood is the same kind of threat as the National Alliance? WTF?!...
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February 16, 2010

Just Frightening

I read the NYT's long report on the Tea Party Movement. Pretty damn frightening. Those people are really crazy. In my worst Randian/Libertarian days, I never believed what these nutballs do. Oh, and a brief note to Ms. Stout (first...
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August 16, 2009

I feel safer part eleventy thirty seven

While I am whiling away the hours in Charlotte, courtesy of USAirways and the rain, it strikes me that on this journey I have discovered something important about national security. There must be a surfeit of bluehaired terrorists ready to...
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June 24, 2009

Dan Burton's Plexiglass Shield

It goes without saying that it seems highly unlikely the member of from Indiana probably will be similarly innovative when it comes to protecting high-crime areas of the country. Beyond that - why stop there Mr. Burton? Why not throw...
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May 20, 2009

Democrats Surrender Prematurely

I just plain don't get the brain trust that runs the Democrats in Congress (if there is one). I mean, they have an overwhelming majority in the House, and have either 59 or 60 votes in the Senate (depending on...
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January 19, 2009

For the Millionth Time, Yes, There Have Been Terrorist Attacks on Americans Since 9/11

I find the phrasing Bush partisans use on this issue to be bizarre to begin with - what, attacks on US citizens beyond US borders are something that doesn't involve the US government? But even if one wants to only...
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September 18, 2008

Going from Bad to Worse....

T-Bills traded at negative interest rates for a while this morning. Isn't this the equivalent of "I'll give you $50 today for $48 dollars in three months."? That can't be good for financial stability. Where is the bottom of this?...
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September 02, 2008

Intelligence Leaders Suspended for Illegal Wiretaps

No, not here sillies. Brazil: Brazilian intelligence chiefs have been suspended from duty amid allegations that their agency tapped the phones of top officials, politicians and judges. ... "The rule of law has been broken, the credibility of our democratic...
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Bloodying the nose of democracy: Link Dump on the RNC Protests

There are several stories within the general view of the ineptitude of the coordinated "security" forces outside the RNC. One is about the harassment and abuse of the press. Another the apparent inability of the authorities to discern the difference...
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September 01, 2008

These People Need To Be Fired Immediately

And their bosses need to be fired, and their budgets cut, and the culture that leads to this kind of vicious and unprovoked attack on a young woman needs to be rooted out. Outrageous. What cowards, craven, impotent thugs hiding...
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August 30, 2008

Asking for their warrant will get you arrested

Cheeky of people, thinking they have rights....
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August 23, 2008

New task of Homeland Security: Keeping your penis safe

They don't want you to use products without warning labels. No, really: Penis enlargers and constricting rings to maintain erections can be seized at U.S. borders, U.S. regulators said Thursday, citing inadequate safety labels....
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August 06, 2008

Special delivery from the US government

Anthrax! I usually can't read Greenwald. The combination of the tone and the constant updates is too much for me. However, he does have a point. That means that the same Government lab where the anthrax attacks themselves came from...
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August 01, 2008

Anthrax Killer Caught?

The story doesn't come out and say it, but seems to hint at it pretty strongly. The guy worked at the US Army lab that researches and investigates anthrax, was being investigated, and committed suicide this week. There isn't any...
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July 25, 2008

Want to ever fly without a hassle again?

Then don't criticize the TSA because they will fuck your shit up, and then lie to you about it: "Coincidentally, this all began in May, shortly after I began a series of investigative reports critical of the TSA. Eleven flights...
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July 02, 2008

Keepin' us safe, yesiree!

I had no idea Nelson Mandela was on the terror watch list until just now, when I spotted this report that he was being removed by a bill today. South Africa's apartheid government had designated the ANC a terrorist organization...
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June 19, 2008

Air Force Procurement Woes

Don't know if anyone else noticed this: the US Air Force is having a great deal of difficultly buying airplanes. The Air Force needs some new air-to-air tankers. These are the boring, unglamorous planes that are necessary. They are big...
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June 12, 2008

Words Fail Me (Part 2,304,201): Supreme Court Rulings Edition

From the NYT story on the Supreme Court rulings that struck down most of the Bush Administration's attempts to keep Al Qaeda out of our courts, comes this wonderful quote by our fearless Chief Justice of the Supreme Court: And...
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March 01, 2008

Failed policy

Not only does the TSA not keep you safe and make you go through ridiculous contortions of disrobing and showing the world your liquids, but it's setting you up to get robbed: A Fox affiliate managed to get ahold of...
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February 07, 2008

Why the F-22 is stupid.

Somebody gets very pissed off here. (It doesn't say anything new, but it does say it very angrily.)...
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January 29, 2008

We Can All Breath A Sigh Of Relief...

As of this time, several news sources are reporting that Guiliani will drop from the race tomorrow. At least the worst candidate for President won't win. That's gotta be worth something....
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November 30, 2007

O! Canada

Bring us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, afraid of being tortured in the United States: The United States is not a safe country for refugees, the Federal Court said Thursday as it ruled that Canada will no longer...
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November 03, 2007

I am stronger than my cat.

My damn cat stole a raw steak off a plate (next to the stove) last night. I first knew something was amiss when I saw him streaking by me (head down from the weight of the steak). I start yelling...
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October 19, 2007

Well, I feel safer (part 137)

Border patrol is keeping us safe from indie rock: The guitarist for indie pop rockers Death Cab for Cutie still expects to release his solo album in January even though federal border agents seized a computer hard drive containing the...
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September 27, 2007

Read your own air travel dossier

Directions here....
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