June 25, 2004

Movie: Ozark Savage

Saw a really weird movie last night. Not good, not bad...just weird. Ozark Savage caught my eye at the video store. Not really sure why. The director must have had a budget that just covered film, pizza and beer (and probably a illegal substances, too). Oh, and guns. Lots of guns. I found a review that described it as Jackie Chan meets John Woo meets Tarantino, and the only thing I'd add to that is you need to throw in some American Redneck. The plot was something about an ancient chinese coin (if you had it you owned Hong Kong) and a wizard battling a minion of the devil. This is completely irrelevant. What the movie is about, is Ozark wandering about, shooting people with style, getting shot with style, and generally cracking wise about life. All done in the style of an old detective movie shot on cheap film in modern San Diego. The thing is, it's better than it sounds. It tried to hard to be a cult film, but it had more heart than, say Payback (John Woo - go back to Hong Kong!). If you see it somewhere (cheap), it's worth a rent if you like these kind of things.

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Thanks for putting out a review of my film. You're right on all counts. No budget. A vague plot that suffered from lead actors fleeing the country, etc. There never was a script. Shot entirely before the first Matrix came out with mostly friends and acquaintances from UCSD. Took me forever to finish and get distribution.


Matt Steinauer

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Who fled the country? More importantly, why? (Or don't I want to know?). And whatever happened to they guy who played Ozark? And what did Hong Kong have to do with anything?

Anyway, it was pretty entertaining. The multi-hour (day?) lightning-bolt fights between the good guys and bad guys were just too much.

Thanks for dropping by. If you ever put anything else out, let me know and I'll be happy to see it.

Hey, if you found us, does that mean I can review other movies and the directors will wander by here. Hey, Bruckheimer, you suck!!! Bad Boys sucked (both of them)! Con Air sucked! Kangaroo Jack sucked!! Come and tell me I'm wrong!

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